Miles Cards

Prepaid Cards with Club Benefits

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Miles Cards

MILES Auto Spa offers great saving options with several different prepaid
cards and our club membership.

Unlimited Card

Pay one flat monthly fee, charged to your credit or debit card, and receive unlimited washes for your car.
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Prepaid Unlimited

Prepay for UNLMITED car washes. Wash your car on your own schedule and as often as you like.
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Gift Card

The perfect gift.  We add 10% more value to each purchased card, and they never expire!  Purchase in person on here online.

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5 & 10 Miles Card

Our prepaid packages of 5 and 10 washes that have savings over individually priced car washes.
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Club Member

Club Member Card
Our customer loyalty program offers frequency rewards and discounts. Trade in points for free washes.
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